1h/ 85€ - 80min/ 110€
Soothing Polynesian Sublime Massage

A massage inherited from Polynesia healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi which uses deep pressure and long continuous movements from the practitioner’s forearms. The delicate Tiaré flower notes accompany you throughout this incredible experience to make you feel you are letting go.

This Soothing Massage Ritual from Polynesia is inspired by healers from the Islands of Polynesia and movements from Lomi Lomi (original massage using the forearms) so as to release muscle tension and restore energy and vitality.

This treatment combines the mixture of the Balm and the Sublime Oil with the Monoi from Tahiti complex and Noni with nourishing virtues with a concentrate of Tiaré and white flowers whose scents transport us to a beautiful white sandy beach in Polynesia.

During this massage, the practitioner uses a hot volcanic stone on the back, sacrum and eyes for deep relaxation of the muscles but also for a draining and detoxifying effect thanks to soft pressure on specific meridian lines.

Cinq Mondes massages and body treatments are based on a real “acupuncture without needles” for a targeted action (relaxation, slimming, tonicity,…). Using specific pressure made with the fingertips during massages, the Spa Therapists stimulate the ley points of the body’s vital energy combining relaxation and effectiveness.

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