Holistic Luxury Spa Experience

Orloff Spa has selected for you the most exclusive treatments that elevate  the spa experience: based on genuine protocols of  internationally acclaimed brands Valmont and Cinq Mondes, they combine holistic wellness with beauty results in anti-aging and body sculpting.

Indulge in the luxury cellular therapies of the Swiss brand Valmont, specialist in cell regeneration and Beauty Rituals of the World by Cinq Mondes, discover ancient traditions of massage from India and Morocco, or taste our Greek Touch spa treatments based on Greek skin care products.

Orloff Spas also offer spa getaways for two people with Couple Massage or more people through the Bachelorette party to celebrate important life events and create precious memories.

Ancient Greek Massage
80min/ 110€
Inspired by the writings of Hippocrates, a deep pressure massage to treat muscular pain and replenish the body with energy. Ideal for athletes.
Aloe Vera After-Sun Bliss
1h/ 85€
Body treatment including a peeling, a soothing aloe gel mask for skin after sun exposure, and an application of aloe butter. Very refreshing and regenerating.
Luminosity Of Ice
50min/85€ - 75min/150€
This protocol refines the skin’s texture and calls forth the glow of a unified complexion. The skin is softer, smoother and altogether radiant, with fewer irregularities.
Couple Spa Package
90min/ 200€ (for two persons)
Our Spa package for two is an occasion to celebrate an anniversary, an important event in your life, or simply to share precious time with your other half and strengthen your bond.
Spa Ritual by Cinq Mondes
2h/ 150€
Cinq Mondes Treatment Rituals enable you to enjoy several treatments (hammam ritual, scrub, body massage, face treatment, Spa ritual etc.) grouped together based on a theme.
Spa Bachelorette party
This unique spa and massage package in the northern suburbs includes unique ideas for a Bachelor for the bride to be that will add some extra glow to her wedding day such as access to the sauna, hammam, Jacuzzi/indoor pool and 30′ of either a body massage with Oriental technique by Cinq Mondes, or a Fleurs de Bali facial Ritual.
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Orloff Signature Spa Center in Athens

Valmont Spa menu

Our new Valmont treatments are even more effective, with a higher performance in results and relaxation as well, thanks to the addition of a deep shoulder massage, and all in a shorter time. A specific spa boost, a super concentrated massage serum, is added to each treatment, as well as a specific massage protocol, along with systematic use of best-seller collagen sheet mask. The names of treatments pay tribute to Switzerland, ever present with the Glacial Spring Water, Alpine plant extracts and its expert medical background.

Cinq Mondes

Discover holistic and spiritual beauty into the Cinq Mondes treatments to improve well-being and calm your spirit. A vision of beauty inspired by traditional medicines, of the five great cultures of India, China, Japan, Bali and North Af rica, reviving beauty recipes of the world. Natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected for their timeless efficiency, allied to cutting-edge scientif ic patents, deliver high performance skin care products, for skin balancing and regenerating.

The Greek touch menu

The Greek Touch is inspired by practices of Ancient Healing Centers of Asclepius, as in Kos island and Epidaurus. Priest -healers of Soul and Body, prescribed sun exposure, fresh air breathing, thermal water bathing, specific herb applications and a low-calorie diet, as well as body massages, to cure states of imbalance. Today, in the Orloff Spa Temples of Wellness on Spa resorts, we can put stress at a distance. As in Ancient times, we rejuvenate by hydro-therapy and treatments of aromatic Greek plants and olive oil, while being pampered with an authentic Hippocrates massage.