2h/ 150€
Spa Ritual by Cinq Mondes

Let yourself be guided by a region of the world, its pharmacopeia and its fragrances to enjoy a unique, unforgettable experience for 1 hour and 50 minutes and more of pure wellbeing!

Hamam Spa Ritual by Cinq Mondes

This Grand Hammam Ritual is inspired by the oriental tradition and attaches great importance to the purification rituals of the Hammam.

It starts with the Beldi Black Soap Scrub: On a delicately heated table, the practitioner applies Black Beldi Soap on the entire body thanks to deep and relaxing movements. After the Black Beldi Soap has been put on and rinsed off, the practitioner exfoliates the body with the Kassa glove and helps the skin to look radiant again.

Finally the Oriental Traditional Massage (50 min) : This massage will soothe you thanks to slow enveloping gestures, skillfully contrasting with the efforts the body needs in the hammam. The Sumptuous Oil from the Orient, applied during the massage, has a hydrating effect thanks to the subtle cocktail of olive oil, argan oil, sesame oil, essential oils of cinnamon…

Ayurveda Spa Ritual by Cinq Mondes

Ayurveda, or the science of longevity, was founded 5,000 years ago and is at the heart of ancestral Indian medicine. It helps restore balance and stimulate the body’s vital functions. Cinq Mondes was inspired by this science to create a true break from the daily grind: The Ayurvedic Spa Ritual.

This package starts with a relaxing session in the hammam – a thousand-year-old tradition known to purify and recharge deep down.

Spiced Aromatic Scrub: A full-body treatment that begins with an energizing spiced scrub, traditionally practiced in Indonesian villages during the rainy season. It combines a “Boreh” scrub paste with spices and herbs, applied with quick and light scrubbing motions. The skin is thus gently purified and prepared for the upcoming massage.

Ayurvedic massage helps to release areas of tension and boost the body’s energetic metabolism thanks to alternating slow and fast gestures. It begins with a deep massage of the feet and legs and then moves slowly up the body to the head.

The body and mind feel lighter and revitalized immediately after this cure, ready to keep living life feeling serene.

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