80min/ 125€
Supreme Ko-Bi-Do anti-aging facial

Deeply regenerating, firming and lifting face massage topped with use of Geto line and jade roller to detoxify the skin.

This treatment combines the effects of ingredients derived from natural remedies around the world with Dermapuncture techniques, in order to restore plumpness to the skin and revive its youthful vitality. Acting like a real natural face-lift, 95% of women have found their skin younger with the first treatment!

ThisKO BI DO Global Anti-Aging Treatment is an ancient Japanese anti-aging touch therapy, known to this day as one of the most effective ways of preserving or restoring the youthfulness of the face, neck and décolletage.

This special treatment alternates between 50 lifting massage movements in specific areas, carried out with the aid of a jade ridoki roller. This accessory consists of a roller made out of jade, which is regarded as the stone of immortality in Asia. In folk tradition, it is recognised for its relaxing, detoxifying and drainage properties.

The KO BI DO Global Anti-Aging Treatment traditionally consists of five phases:

  • Cleaning and purifying the skin : The Spa Therapist gently cleanses away make-up from your eyes and mouth with Cinq Fleurs Micellar Water, as well as cleansing your entire face, neck and décolletage with one of the Bali Ritual cleansers, which are known for their ability to purify and illuminate the skin. The products will be selected according to your skin’s specific needs and the skin analysis carried out beforehand by the Spa Therapist. This step proceeds with the application of a mask, chosen according to your skin type while the mask takes effect, the Spa Therapist will carry out a scalp massage for total, deep relaxation.
  • KO BI DO face-lifting massage : A real holistic anti-ageing treatment, this manual natural face-lift, together with personalised client care, acts deeply on wrinkles and on the firmness and elasticity of your skin by concentrating mainly on the areas that need it most: the contours of the eyes, the mouth, the décolletage and the arms. Alternating between vigorous stimulation, anti-wrinkle and lifting movements, and energising massage to the pressure points, this full treatment stimulates the entire flow of energy in the face and décolletage. It enables toxins to be eliminated and tones the muscles of the face, thereby acting on the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Treatment mask with energising massage : The Spa Therapist will apply a customised Masque Lumière Sublime and/or Masque Riche de Jeunesse in layers with an Élixir Précieux, specifically tailored to your skin’s needs.
  • Personalised treatment and skin rehydration : Combining a Chinese massage routine with the signature Cinq Mondes massage moves, the Spa Therapist will apply a specific Élixir Précieux and then a cream suitable for your skin type.
  • Jade ridoki massage: : The Spa Therapist will begin to massage the face, neck and décolletage, performing precise movements with the jade ridoki roller to alleviate stress and bring about a sense of relaxation, while at the same time promoting the elimination of toxins through drainage.

The KO BI DO Global Anti-Aging Treatment enables the skin to regain its youthful glow; smoothing your facial features and allowing your entire body to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful massage treatment. Visible results from the very first treatment.

Inspired by Japanese traditions, the KO BI DO acts like a natural lifting thanks to a set of manual techniques studied to smooth the features and plump the face.

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