30min/ 60€
Ritual Fleurs de Bali Facial

Radiance and hydration short duration treatment inspired by Balinese beauty rituals, for immediate cleansing and hydration. Includes a skin diagnosis.

This Balinese Flowers Massage with delicate scents of tropical flowers, is also sold as a supplement to another treatment for prolonged getaway and relaxation. Inspired by the beauty rituals of Balinese princesses, this treatment helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin for an immediate boost.

The benefits of the soft acids of the tropical flowers associated with products and gestures adapted to your needs help to enhance your skin’s beauty, reveal its purity and the radiance of your complexion.

The Cinq Mondes Treatments and Massages of the face are inspired by the art of touch from the traditional medicines of the world, and suited to your specific needs.

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