1h/ 85€ - 90min/ 110€
Stretch Hammam

North African tradition places great importance on the purification rituals of the Hammam. Cinq Mondes developed this unique treatment ritual by going back to the roots of Hammam treatments.

Let yourself be immediately transported by the soft and warm scents of North Africa, and enjoy a moment of intense relaxation. Your body will be drained of toxins and your skin adorned with remarkable softness and radiance.

Beldi Black Soap Scrub : The Spa-Therapist applies Beldi Black Soap, a soap-like paste made with 100% virgin olive oil, all over the body using slow and deep motions. After the Beldi Black Soap is applied and then rinsed off, the Spa-therapist exfoliates the body with a Kassa glove, thus regenerating the skin deep down.

Detoxifying wrap with Rassoul Cream : The treatment continues with a Rassoul Cream Wrap. Rassoul is a natural clay from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, known for its excellent purifying and soothing properties. The Spa-Therapist will perform a highly relaxing head massage while this mask, scented with oriental essential oils, works its deep and gentle magic.

To finish off this marvelous North African break with traditional Hammam treatments, your Spa-Therapist will stretch you gently to get rid of muscle tension and completely relax your body using the Sumptuous Oriental Oil, a mix of argan, olive and sesame oils with hydrating and regenerating properties.

In the 1h version the therapist will apply the oil on all the body whereas in the 90min version you will receive a 25min Oriental full body massage to complete the treatment.

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