80min/ 110€
Ancient Greek Massage

Inspired by the writings of Hippocrates, a massage with deep pressure to treat muscle pain and replenish the body with energy. This massage was practiced in the ancient Olympic games, in the ancient gymnasiums and in the ancient sanctuaries of Asklepios, the God of Medecine, as well. As such it is especially fit for athletes.

The massage starts with circular pressures, on dry skin, without oil, on the back and exercises stretches to restore energy to the body.

It continues with the application of olive-based oil all over the body and strong pressure and tightening for muscle relief, from the sides of the body to the edges.

It is completed with the so-called “Remedy for grief”, a magical massage of the neck, temples, head and trapezoids, which increases the production of joy hormones in the body and reduces stress.

A genuine authentic experience from the ancient Greek tradition.

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