50min/85€ - 75min/150€
Firmness Of The Hills

Express version: 50min/85€

Complete version: 75min/150€

This protocol improves the firmness of the skin to reveal a younger-looking face with better defined volumes.

Swiss landscapes also show softness. Far from the sharp mountains, there is also a whole relief of hills with voluptuous curves and generous volumes. The Firmness of the Hills treatment is inspired by these regions and imagines a face with soft and harmonious volumes.

The Firmness of the Hills’ massage focuses on the dermis. It is a sculpting and remodeling massage commonly known as “Deep Tissue”. The main movements are deep kneading, palpate-roll and powerful smoothing. The gestures are carried out with precision thanks to the formula of the FIRM-C BOOST concentrate. This super powerful massage serum propels its mixture of triple DNA, Vitamin C and collagen fragments into the heart of the skin to boost its elasticity.

In the complete 75min version, to ensure long-lasting results, the iconic REGENERATING MASK TREATMENT collagen veil releases its magical essence while the beautician massages the shoulders with supremely relaxing strokes.

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