40min/ 70€
Indian Head Massage

Discover the virtues of this deeply relaxing massage. By targeting the back, nape and shoulder blades, this treatment releases built-up tension providing a feeling of wellbeing and total relaxation.
This Back and Head Massage, inspired by the principles of Traditional Indian Medicine comes from an Ayurvedic ritual which uses deep and heated movements and will harmoniously relax the entire back by working specifically on relaxing the shoulder area.

During this massage, the practitioners insist on the nape and the trapezium to release any built-up stress. It is performed using hot Universal Ayurvedic Oil with organic sesame oil, Neem and Boswelia which will hydrate, nourish and regenerate the skin.

Cinq Mondes massages and body treatments are based on a real “acupuncture without needles” for a targeted action (relaxation, slimming, tonicity,…). Using specific pressure made with the fingertips during massages, the Spa Therapists stimulate the ley points of the body’s vital energy combining relaxation and effectiveness.

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