1h/ 85€ - 80min/ 110€
Enveloping Balinese Massage

Dive into a universe of tranquility thanks to this ancestral Balinese massage using the “Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm”. With this sensory escape you will experience traditional stretching and gentle Thai smoothing movements.

This Royal Balinese Massage is a blending of gentle Thai stretches and deep Balinese smoothing which help to loosen the articulations and stimulate the energetic key points in order to provide a deep relaxation of the body and mind.

This massage is given using the Tropical Nuts Melting Balm containing Coconut, Tamanu and Kemiri with nourishing and regenerating virtues restoring radiance and softness to your skin. The soft and spicy notes of Bergamot, Galec wood and Cedar take you away to the distant lands of the Kingdom of Siam.

Comprising slow gestures and stretching, the Balinese Massage restores the body’s suppleness. The movements are performed with a hot towel under the nape so as to liberate the tension from the top of the back.

The combination of suitable gestures and products with natural ingredients in this treatment provide a global sensation of wellbeing thanks to its effects that help to relax. All the body’s muscles are gently stretched. The skin is visibly more beautiful and deeply hydrated.

Cinq Mondes massages and body treatments are based on a real “acupuncture without needles” for a targeted action (relaxation, slimming, tonicity,…). Using specific pressure made with the fingertips during massages, the Spa Therapists stimulate the ley points of the body’s vital energy combining relaxation and effectiveness.

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