1h/ 85€
Peaks of Slimness full body massage

This high-performance treatment targets curves and cellulite. The skin is firm and toned, the figure reshaped and the body revels in a sublimely light sensation of freshness.

A true remodeling of the silhouette, this professional treatment focuses on the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue to offer tangible results from the very first session. It combines a unique motion with an original technique working in the direction of the muscular fibers to render the body toned and slender. For 60 minutes, kneading, friction and smoothing pressures work deep down on each area.

Proposed as a 10-session cure, this treatment will enchant any client with its innovative approach and immediate effects. Recommended as an attack phase for slimming down, for maintaining one’s figure, as a firming program after pregnancy or a diet, in addition to exercise… but also – and above all – for any woman who wants to control the effects of time on her body!

In this treatment, every part of the body is worked independently and completely. Customized programs are also available in accordance with clients’ needs and expectations

Born from the medical tradition passed down by the Valmont Clinic, Valmont professional treatments exemplify the brand’s aesthetic expertise

Orchestrated with choreographic precision, they guide the skin’s metamorphosis to absolute beauty: #valmontskin. The skin is visibly transformed: radiant and re-plumped, fresh and glowing,

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