30min/ 60€ - 1h/ 85€
Relaxing Traditional Oriental Massage

This massage, inspired by oriental tradition, works the whole body with heated and delicately perfumed.argan oil. The expert hands of your practitioner envelope you in slow, deep movements to give you a feeling of pure wellbeing.

This Traditional North African Massage is inspired by the traditions of a real culture of purifying the body and of beauty. Following the traditional gestures of North Africa, this massage soothes and relaxes with slow and deep smoothing to regenerate the body and mind.

It is performed using the hot Sumptuous Body Oil from the Orient, a mixture of Sesame, Olive and Argan that nourishes, makes skin more beautiful and regenerates the skin. Let your mind wander with the expertise and oriental scents to experience a gentle, quiet and soothing moment in the heart of the Orient.

The Traditional North African Massage is very soothing and unifying thanks to slow and protective gestures contrasted with the efforts supplied by the body in the Hammam. Furthermore, the application of the Sumptuous Body Oil from Orient during the massage containing argan oil, sesame and olive helps to hydrate and regenerate the skin.

The treatment ends with an aspersion of floral beauty water, the Eau de l’Atlas, a soothing and fresh mist which give you an unforgettable sensory journey to the heart of the Orient.

A feeling of harmony invades the body, the Traditional Oriental Massage brings peace, calm and healing. The skin is hydrated and satin smooth thanks to the soothing virtues of the Sumptuous Oil from the Orient.

Cinq Mondes massages and body treatments are based on a real “acupuncture without needles” for a targeted action (relaxation, slimming, tonicity,…). Using specific pressure made with the fingertips during massages, the Spa Therapists stimulate the ley points of the body’s vital energy combining relaxation and effectiveness.

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