100min/ 250€
Majestic facial treatment

Majestic facial treatment with Elixir des Glaciers premium line.

A nourishing, sculpting and remodeling treatment for incomparable beauty. The ultimate union of youth and opulence.

For 90 delightful minutes, clients revel in two cleansings, three massages and four masks targeting the face, décolleté and hands! Veritable rejuvenation for the most demanding clientele.

Majestic Treatment places massage treatments center stage: the face and neck enjoy a voluptuous 45-minute massage.

An energizing and remineralizing massage leaves the skin smooth and relaxed thanks to FLUIDE MERVEILLEUX, rich in exclusive sturgeon DNA, together with a sublime mineral complex of magnesium, manganese and selenium, not to mention the iconic PRIME RENEWING PACK.

A lifting and nourishing massage with MASQUE MAJESTUEUX, formulated from cherished offerings of the hive, takes inspiration from surgical lifting techniques to target the facial muscles with absolute precision.

A youth massage takes inspiration from the Ko Bi Do technique, developed for the Empress of Japan in 1472 and the ultimate beauty secret of Japanese women still today. This step of Soin Majestueux, performed with CURE MAJESTUEUSE and SERUM MAJESTUEUX VOS YEUX, offers sculpting and modeling effects for in-depth rejuvenating action.

Just before the final massage, the skin on the face and neck is packed with youth-restoring ingredients thanks to REGENERATING MASK TREATMENT. And while this king of masks bathes the skin in its unparalleled virtues, the hands luxuriate in a nourishing massage featuring MASQUE MAJESTUEUX.

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