30min/ 60€
Scrub Collection of the World

Add the detoxifying effect of a body scrub of your choice to the use of hydrotherapy facilities to maximize your well-being:

  • Black soap Beldi & Kassa glove for hydration

This Beldi Black Soap Scrub is inspired by the oriental tradition attaches great importance to the purification rituals of the Hammam. At the heart of this tradition, the Black Soap scrub has become the indispensable gesture in Oriental Beauty.

The practitioner applies Black Beldi Soap on the entire body thanks to deep and relaxing movements. Then the practitioner exfoliates the body with the Kassa glove and helps the skin to look radiant again. Thanks to the combination of saponified olive oil, black soap and the Kassa glove crepe, the practitioners eliminate dead skin cells to obtain a purified and cleansed skin texture.

  • Aromatic scrub with spices to warm muscles and gain energy

This Energising Aromatic Scrub with spices is inspired by an ancient ritual from the Island of Java, Boreh, traditionally performed in the Indonesian villages during the rainy season, it is a scrub with spices and herbs that tones sore muscles after a workout and soothes joints.

This treatment is original and relaxing, and contains Five spices with tonifying and exfoliating virtues: Sea salt and Almond powder, concentrate of cinnamon, patchouli, nutmeg, vetiver and clove and vanilla oil, purify the skin gently and boost the body making the skin extremely soft.

This scrub removes dead skin cells and helps skin find its energy thanks to the circular and unifying movements of the practitioner. Also the quick but light friction movements help to “warm up” the muscles and body. This treatment has a double action, it energises the body and magnifies its radiance.

  • Papaya puree for radiance and glow

This Papaya Puree Scrub is inspired by Balinese women who use papaya like a gentle natural scrub to reveal their skin’s radiance.

This treatment combines smoothing circular movements and gentle stretching with the virtues of papaya that is rich in fruit acids to cleanse and refine skin texture while magnifying its radiance.

It starts with Papaya Puree with Natural Papaya Extracts, Diatomaceous Earth and Ceder oil which is heated beforehand and applied to the body using suitable gestures and then rinsed to reveal unified and luminous skin.

  • Sublime scrub for an utmost smooth skin

Inspired by the Islands of Polynesia and perfectly suitable for the most sensitive skin, this traditional preparation of Monoi with Tiaré macerated flowers, sugar and coconut powder regenerates the skin and awakens the mind.

This Sublime Scrub with Tahitian Monoi is inspired by the pharmacopeia of healers from the Polynesia archipelago.

This treatment combines smoothing using fists, knuckles and undulatory movements (resembling ocean waves) with complex virtues of Tahiti Monoi and Noni to unify and refine skin texture leaving it polished and magnifying the suntan.

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