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Medical institutes and medi spas

More and more dermatologists and plastic surgeons are offering spa therapies like in day spas or beauty institutes, alongside medical services.

After a Botox, laser treatments, fillers, dermabrasion, deep peeling, regenerating treatment products such as the Valmont collagen mask complete the non-invasive medical spa treatments.

Frontiers tend to be blurred between medical institutes and hotels which also provide medical spa consulting services in some case.

A results-driven approach stands as the core of the philosophy of medical institutes. Results in terms of skin-firming, body-slimming, wrinkle-diminishing, glow and radiance are expected from treatments and products.

Alongside medical spa consulting, Valmont thanks to its Swiss clinic medical background offers the most advanced anti-age treatments, for immediate and long-lasting results.
ORLOFF trains beauticians to Valmont treatments and products to meet the most sophisticated expectations of the demanding clientele. A professional approach of beauty much appreciated by doctors.

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MEDICAL OFFICES case studies

Plasis Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery Hall is a private office of plastic surgery, anti-age, general surgery and breast center in the heart of Glyfada.

Non- invasive medical aesthetic beauty treatments are under the responsibility of Doctor  Elena Tzamantaki, Plastic surgeon. A large spectrum of state-of-the-art techniques are displayed: Advanced  Laser  treatments [ Fraxel Restore, Soprano Laser Depilation, Fotoaging, Skin Tightening Laser], Fillers [ Full Face Liquid Lift], Botox, Needling, Mesotherapy, Skin Booster, Special treatments for Brightening and shiny face [Triple pack] and more other special medical aesthetic treatments.

Doctor Elena Tzamantaki proposes a tailor-made approach of beauty into which she has included Valmont products, because of the efficacy of their anti-age properties. Products are used into the medical protocols to prepare the skin and after treatment to complete the beauty routine at home.

Dr. AnastasiosTsekouras, a well known  aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Athens , alongside his surgical practice, in his private office  provides non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments such as rejuvenation lasers, botox and fillers. Recently he decided  to add some cutting-edge purely aesthetic treatments as a complement.  It was only normal that he chose the most advanced Valmont anti-aging treatments such as the Collagen therapy for face, eyes and décolleté and the Radiance treatment based on the power of pure Vitamin C.


The Medical Excess laser clinic was created by Dr.Isidoros Pantazis , plastic surgeon, to delay and correct signs of ageing through non-invasive methods like lasers, peelings…

As a complement Dr. Pantazis offers anti oxidative treatments with DNA included in Regenerating Valmont products.


Dr. Androulakakis in Iatriki Esthitiki Paremvasi is also a faithful user of Regenerating Valmont Collagen mask treatment after laser application sessions.